fiscal accountability, healthy living & revitalization


I am proud and excited to announce my candidacy for Langley City Mayor. The past four years on City Council and previous eight years as the Langley City Community Police Office Coordinator has helped me understand the complexities of municipal government including its limitations and capabilities. Balancing fiscal responsibility with sound judgement is key. By building safe growth inspired communities and providing services and facilities for healthy living we will strengthen our community foundations. We need to continue to focus on transportation, revitalization, and social issues and to collaborate with other levels of government, community partners, and local businesses. By refreshing playgrounds, parks, nature trails, creating dog parks and community gardens we will provide positive spaces to foster positive relationships. My goal is to continue the great work and success of the past but to bring new ideas forward for an ever-changing City. I represent not only those who speak loudly and often, but also those whose voices are not readily heard. I believe Langley City is an amazing place and I want to continue its progress and make sure residents are proud of where they live. 

I will remain dedicated and work hard with staff 

and Council to provide the public the level of service that is expected. 

Thank you in advance for your encouragement and support. 

Feel free to contact me at

Please remember to get out and vote this October.

Please continue to check back for updates 

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Langley City Mayor Ted Schaffer

 I fully support Val van den Broek running for the position of Mayor.

 Having worked with her over the past four years, she has shown me that she has a compassion 

and a caring for The City of Langley.

 Val will bring a new and fresh approach in keeping The City of Langley the Place To Be, by listening to the residents and stakeholders with-in the community while continuing with the positive working relationships with the Province as well as with our   Federal representatives.


Honoured & proud for the support of my husband Rob, Langley City Mayor Ted Schaffer and former City

Honoured & proud to officially be in the Langley City Mayors Race & thankful for the support of my husband Rob, Langley City Mayor Ted Schaffer and former City Councillor Terry Smith



I have known Val for approximately 13 years. My primary interaction with Val was in her role as the Community Policing Coordinator in Langley City from 2005 to 2011 when I was the Operations Support Officer (Inspector) with the RCMP. She had a knack for innovation and she was always supportive of initiatives to make the community safer. I observed her to regularly engage with all residents to help them with their concerns. Val is a straight-talker with a genuine interest in bettering the community. The citizens of Langley City would be well served to have a person of Val's character, skills, and integrity as their next Mayor

Retired RCMP Officer Richard Konarski


Langley City Council

Langley City RCMP Community Police Office

Langley RCMP Auxiliary Constable

Federal Public Servant (RCMP Major Crimes, Federal & Integrated Policing)

Langley Community 

Response Network Coordinator

Corrections Canada (Labour Relations & Human Resources)

African Childrens Choir - Finance & proud sponsor

Kwantlen Polytech University

Business, Political Science & Criminology

Crime Prevention Through Design Practitioner

Metro Vancouver

Homelessness Taskforce

Lets Move Forward


I’ve worked in government approximately 20 years

Langley City Councillor

Federal Public Servant (RCMP & Corrections)  

Langley City RCMP Community Police Office Coordinator

Langley RCMP Auxiliary Constable Volunteer – firsthand community knowledge

My business background/experience & leadership skills will provide a fresh voice 

to local & regional issues

Revitalize using Smart Growth/CPTED, green spaces & community events

Openhouses with residents & staff for active communication

Diverse housing so everyone can grow roots

Augment Integrated Case Management Team + Advocate for more health services

Rapid transit + more buses & ridesharing

Fiscal responsibility, support daycare, Arts, Sports, & youth & seniors’ programs

I value the quality of life for our community & endeavor 

to continue the progress we’ve made

Thanks’ for your support!

“Let’s Move Forward”


What about Langley City Council makes you most proud?

How much has been accomplished with in the last three years to make Langley City a better place to live, play, & work. Revitalization is vital for building a healthy community. From revamping parks & trail systems, building community gardens & dog parks, to numerous community events. Opening the new Timm’s Community Center so families can get healthy together. Improving roads for the safety of all users and upgrading infrastructures and amenities. The professionalism and commitment of our staff have made these achievements possible. 

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I've been part of this community for many years, working tirelessly to make it a better place.

United By A Common Goal

I know the value of being connected. That's why I'm running for this position. 

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